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Get the most out of the App

Tip 1

Find brand contacts

Createur can help you find the right brand contacts in just a few steps. Follow the steps below to find the right brand contacts for you!

Step 1

Select “Brands” at the bottom of the screen

Step 2

Browse through our categories or use the search bar to find brands

Step 3

Click on the brand to see starred and available contacts at this company. Use your unlocks on the best contacts that work there and get their email.

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Tip 2

Filter your content by brand tags

(Yes, even IG stories)

Have you ever been annoyed that you can’t find that one AMAZING post you created about a brand you love? Welcome to a new world. Createur will track every post you create (on every platform) and tag it by brand so you can easily keep track of things.

Step 1

Find the "Content" section in the bottom bar

Step 2

Click on "Filter" and choose the brand you'd like to see to pull out all content you created mentioning them

Step 3

Download your posts to easily share them with the brand

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Tip 3

Learn from the best

Our in-app “Resources” section houses exclusive industry leaders' interviews to help you navigate your career as a creator. Get golden tips from executives at Too Faced, ColourPop, Supergoop!, and much more.

Step 1

Find the Resources section in our mobile app

Step 2

Get exclusive insights from leaders at Too Faced, ColourPop, Summer Fridays, and SuperGoop!

Step 3

Read about how top creators get it done with our data-backed articles.

Step 4

Learn how to negotiate your rates and handle outreach to brands with our How-To articles.

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Tip 4

Brand Tracking

Keep up with your progress

You can now track your conversations and progress with a brand contact in the Brand Tracking section of the app.

Step 1

Track your progress with any brand contact you've unlocked.

Step 2

Organize your conversations by setting status: "In Discussion," "Needs Follow Up," "Contract Signed," etc.

Step 3

Filter through status, brand, and date unlocked. Keeping up with your outreach strategy just got a little easier!

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Lead Tracking Lead Tracking Brand Tracking Filtering
Tip 5

Your Daily Cards

Your daily dose of motivation and key data

Your dashboard lets you stay up-to-date on your brand contacts and creator industry insights!

Step 1

Get contact recommendations based on your tagging history.

Step 2

Receive reminders to freshen up your Brand Tracking statuses.

Step 3

Get tips and motivational quotes, to sip with your morning coffee ☕️

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Extra Credit

We know that a lot goes into finding new brands and reaching out to them.  Want a little extra help? Book a free 30-minute call with Julia Haws, our Creator Success superstar. 

Julia dedicated the last 8 years of her career to helping influencers build their businesses. She built the Kendra Scott influencer program, led the top-tier creator team at ShopStyle, and matched dozens of brands with creators at agencies including Be Social.

Pick a time on her calendly to ask any questions you may have, and we’ll make it happen!

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