What is Createur?
We're an app that helps creators save time in your brand discovery and outreach! You can search brands, find the right contact information, and get quick access to your relevant content and metrics, and track your pitch progress all in one place.

How do I get Createur?
Click the "Try Now" button on our homepage, or find us in the App store. There you can request an access code that will let you in the app.

How does it work?
When you redeem your access code for the app, you will be automatically enrolled in our Basic (i.e., free) tier. You get 5 brand contact unlocks each month! Use them wisely to unlock top contacts that work at brands you love. No credit card is required to participate.

What are the subscription prices?
If you need more unlocks or support, you can always upgrade to our paid plans. Pro Monthly is $34.99/month for 20 contact unlocks, and Createur Plus is $149/month for dedicated strategic support, custom monthly data and pitch prep. You can also purchase an annual plan that is billed yearly at a 30% discount. 

Is Createur available on Android?
Unfortunately not at this time, but we may announce an Android version of the app in the future.

Can brands see my profile or unlock activity on Createur?
No, your Createur profile and brand unlock activity are only visible to you.

What do I do if a brand contact is outdated?
Emails bouncebacks can happen as people change companies, which is often the case in the beauty and fashion industry. You can easily report an outdated contact through the app and get one (1) free unlock token in exchange!

Follow these steps to report an outdated contact:
1. Go directly on the outdated contact you spotted
2. Click on "report contact" icon on the top right corner of the contact box.
3. Pick a reason for the outdate and submit
4. We will receive a notification. If your report is validated, we will refund the token you used on this contact.

What if there's a brand I love that is not in Createur?
You can submit a brand request! Go to the "Brands" section and click on the + icon near the search bar. Fill in the form. If the brand is in our system, we'll ask our data team to find contacts that work there. We'll notify you once the search is done.

Am I charged automatically each month?
Yes, but you can cancel your plan before the next month is due. You'll be able to enjoy your plan until the end.

Can I cancel a plan before the next monthly billing date?
If you cancel early, you can continue to use the app until your account automatically closes at the end of your current billing period. You will not be charged again unless you restart your account.

Where does Createur get brand contacts, and how often is it updated?
Our database contains over 13k email contacts at 2k brands! Contacts in Createur are Public Relations etc, so most of the time, they're available through a thorough hunt online. Our team gathers them by hand and saves you the time to do it yourself. They regularly check and update these contacts for accuracy. A meticulous job!

The most searched and unlocked brand contacts are cleaned every month. The rest is updated every 3-4 months.


Does Createur have a Referral Program?
Yes! You get 1 free contact unlock each time someone you referred gets in the App. If any referred user upgrades to a paid subscription, you get $25 outright

We keep it easy. Just have any new users use your IG handle as the Referral Source when they download the app and request an access code.

How do I get in touch if I see a problem?
Please contact support@createur.app. For any questions please feel free to contact us directly - createur@createur.app